Goals and vision





Expansion of localization and upgrading of technology and development of commercial relations in domestic and international markets
Products and services of Iranian industrial equipment manufacturers


1- Facilitation and development of the market for the sale of products and services of members of the association
- Increasing the share of domestic manufacturing of industrial equipment
- Promoting the products and services of the members of the association "through exhibitions and media (newspapers, websites and national media), conferences and workshops with customers"


2- Setting the groundwork for improving the abilities of the members of the association
- Coordinating and training members of the association in the fields of market development, world-class technology, standardization, finance and audit
- Association members' connection with the international environment
- Constructive communication with other domestic and international associations


3- Practical action in the pursuit of removing obstacles to domestic production
- Pursuing the resolution of problems caused by insurance and labor law matters
- Pursuing the resolution of problems caused by tax matters
- Pursuing the resolution of problems caused by import and customs matters


4- Quantitative and qualitative development of Satsa Association members
- Increasing the number of community members - Improving the penetration rate
- Creation, updating and public release of the database of Iran's industrial manufacturing capabilities
Edit Date : 1/2/2023
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