The main achievements and executive activities of Setsa Association

1- Compilation of the draft circular for evaluating the competence of industrial equipment manufacturers

Due to the importance of recognizing the qualification and rating of industrial equipment manufacturers, the compilation of this regulation was entrusted to Setsa Association in 1984, and after numerous and repeated expert meetings and evaluations, it was compiled in 1986 with appropriate and relevant indicators and with the help of experts. And the managers at the time of the final management and planning organization, and even in a limited scope, it was implemented experimentally. In 1990 and 1991, during expert meetings between the association, the institution of the Vice President's Strategic Planning and the Ministry of Security, this regulation was revised and the association completed and presented the final project.





2- Compilation of the strategic plan of the machine-building and industrial equipment manufacturing industry

Considering that one of the problems of the equipment manufacturing industry was the lack of a codified strategy for the development of this industry, therefore, in 2013, the association employed a team of managers and experts to prepare an introduction to the strategy of the machinery manufacturing and industrial equipment manufacturing industry. In the summer of 2018, this strategy was presented to the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade.


3- Compilation of research, production and technology documents for pumps required by the oil industry

Considering the country's increasing need for standard and customized pumps and the unregulated import of this product, which is contrary to the principle of self-sufficiency and maximum use of domestic production capacity, the pump working group of Satsa Association decided to, with the efforts of a group of managers and consultants and pump industry informants to compile the pump strategy document..


This document, which was finalized in 2013, by categorizing different pumps, examined the state of design and production capacity within each category, and finally identified the strengths and weaknesses for the design and manufacture of all types of industrial pumps. This document, after being presented to the Deputy Minister of Industries at the time, became the basis for decisions and regulating the import and ordering of pumps to domestic pump manufacturers, and it is considered one of the most successful movements of self-welder and trade union in order to support the interests of domestic manufacturers.
It is worth mentioning that after the presentation of this document, the association has repeatedly announced the new capabilities of its pump maker members to various authorities.



4- Creating a suitable platform to provide statistical reports and information in the field of industrial equipment and machinery manufacturing industry

In recent years, Satsa Association has compiled programs to collect and summarize statistics and information of the equipment manufacturing industry, which will take a big step in this regard when implemented.




5- Integrated quality certificate issuing system

After preparing the research, production and technology document for the pumps needed by the oil industry in 1991, which was approved by the Supreme Council of the Ministry of Oil, the first big executive step was taken. In this regard, the oil association consisting of the veterans of the oil industry and in cooperation with the oil industry research institute, prepared and approved the regulations and procedures for the review and issuance of integrated certification by the Ministry of Oil. After this, several pump companies visited and were evaluated and three companies succeeded in obtaining the API monogram.

In the meantime, coordinations, announcements of opinions (through meetings and obtaining consultants, etc.) and many follow-ups were done by the Satsa Association.




6- The efforts made to review the law on maximum use of production and service capacity in meeting the country's needs and strengthening them in the matter of exports and amending Article 401 of the Direct Taxes Law

After many changes and transformations that we have witnessed regarding the implementation of this law, in 1991, the implementation of this law was notified to the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade. So far, the representative of the Setsa Association in the meetings to review the law and the instructions for its implementation in the joint meetings of the associations and the Ministry of Security; He has an active presence in the meetings of the parliament and the program and budget organization, and as a supporter of domestic construction in the field of equipment and machinery construction, he will carry out related activities until the full implementation of this law.




7- Setting up the internal automation system of the forum

In 1996, the association launched an internal automation system for its correspondence, which will reduce the cost and time of sending replies and emails.



8- Improving the quality level of holding annual meetings

The association has been able to witness the presence of a significant number of its active members in the annual meeting following the development of written programs and the creation of appropriate processes for holding the meeting.



9- Holding training courses

Following the formation of executive committees and commissions of the association, the education and standardization committee has organized specialized courses for its members, which were well received by the members.

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